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  • Creating habits is the key to success in body transformation, not quick fix diets. 
  • We firmly believe that life is a balance and by creating good habits, you will succeed!
  • That’s not to say you cannot head out and enjoy that nice meal you have always enjoyed! 

4 golden rules to help you on your way:

    1      Avoid the sugar:  Arguably the worst component of Western diet is the massive increase in sugar intake over the last generation.  The only way to successfully restrict sugar is to avoid packaged/processed foods and to restrict straight sugary beverages, candy, etc.

    2      Eat your protein and fats:  The foundation of a quality diet includes a quality protein source and quality fat with every single meal.  This means plenty of healthy oils (avoid vegetable and other processed oils), avocados, nuts and seeds in support of meat, fish and other lean proteins. 

    3      Make your carbohydrates nutritious:  Avoid too many breads, pastas and starchy carbohydrates and instead replace them with carbohydrates that hold high nutrient value.  This includes quinoa, amaranth, vegetables, fruits and more. If you replace pasta with a large quantity of veggies and fruit, that’s a great start. 

    4      Moderation:  Don’t be a slave to your plan.  Occasionally enjoy pizza, pasta, wine or whatever your favourite dishes are.  Just don’t overdo it or make it a regular occurrence. 

If you follow these habits and ensure that you are eating to you support your lifestyle, then you will have a solid chance of success.  

For more information, we are constantly updating the TRI Fitness BLOG page: 

Our resident Nutritionist Viki Marr is the TRI Fitness Nutrition Guru:

Viki will ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to your nutrition!

Starting with a lifestyle & nutrition consultation, she will establish your nutrition habits!

Analysis of your lifestyle and daily nutrition habits will ensue!

Viki will then design the nutrition program that works and is designed purely for you!

Your Nutrition Support Program will be delivered to you and off you go

It doesn't stop there; Viki will be with you every step of the way answering questions you will have

Watch your body shape and composition change before your very eyes whilst picking up great habits along the way! 

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