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Strength & Power (Ladies Only)

How about we change the way you train with a BRAND NEW, mind-blowing STRENGTH PROGRAM that will guarantee to change your body shape in 12 weeks?

There is a BIG misperception that women who train with heavy weights become bulky and while none of us want to be Mr or Mrs Universe, free weight training can be hugely beneficial. 

Guys build muscles faster because they produce more testosterone. Women also produce testosterone but not as much. Women have too much oestrogen to build large amounts of bulk, so ladies, dont fear the barbells. Strength training actually helps decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass, burns calories more efficiently, reduces the risk of Osteoporosis in later life and as for the effect it has on you mood, well just try it!

You won't  not need to deprive yourself of the odd glass of wine and you should be able to enjoy that meal out with the friends without feeling guilty about ordering a dessert.

The TRI Fitness Strength & Shape Group is designed to allow the ladies of Guernsey to come into a new gym environment where they can build confidence, mix with a great crowd of like-minded people, learn some fresh training techniques whilst changing their body shape without even realising it!


  • Increased Strength & Fitness Levels through a progressive program
  • A fun training environment with like-minded ladies
  • The TRI Fitness Nutrition Support Program to deliver the shape you are looking for
  • Exclusive Gym Membership of The TRI Fitness Factory


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Meeting Russ twice a week for my training sessions, whether it be for S & C, or whichever challenge was given to me, gave me the motivation and determination I needed to get each weeks training done.

Sonia Dean