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The Gym


  • Evolving very quickly, we promise you that this will be the best performance playground on the Island of Guernsey over the forthcoming months!
  • With a thriving membership, we are making this gym a place that you will want to be a big part of going forwards so get your membership in quick and beat those waiting lists!
  • The TRI Fitness Factory retains the club like atmosphere that has been built up over the years without having to pay club-like prices. 

From Guernsey Local, now professional Rugby Player for Cornish Pirates; Luke Jones

Its by far the best gym I've been to on the Island, at the moment I working on hypertrophy and rehab and it's got everything I need and once ready to switch to power and cut down for playing again it's got everything for that too. 10/10 for what you boys have done there 

  • Boasting a fantastic range of Cardio, Strength & Power Training Equipment on which you can base your session, The TRI Fitness Factory is a centre of excellence whereby you don’t just come to train, you come to build knowledge about yourself, how you respond to certain types of training, how you can develop your training further through Olympic & Power Lifting Techniques. 
  • Working with some of the best in the industry, both Russ & Paul are developing their knowledge all the time to ensure that The TRI Fitness Factory provides you with a facility that you just won’t want to leave when your session is over! 

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Nothing but impressed by the thought, preparation and precision of the training schedules & design

Gigi Bettencourt