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The TRI Fitness Factory is the hub of TRI Fitness! And we promise to you that this will be the best performance playground on the Island of Guernsey over the forthcoming months!

Everyone knows everyone at The TRI Fitness Factory and that’s way we want it to stay! With a thriving membership, we are making this gym a place that you will want to be a big part of!

We will continue to develop The TRI Fitness Factory with the focus that everyone will be able to come and use our gym facility.  As we also work with a number of the Islands Elite Athletes, the gym will also continue to be developed as a High Performance Facility allowing for a high standard of specific Strength & Conditioning training to be achieved! 

We have a fantastic range of Cardio Equipment and Strength Training Equipment on which you can base your training.  We want the  TRI Fitness Factory to be a centre of excellence whereby you don’t just come to train, you come to build knowledge about yourself, how you respond to certain types of training and how you can develop your training further through Olympic & Power Lifting Techniques.

Working with some of the best in the industry, both Russ & Paul are developing their knowledge all the time to ensure that the TRI Fitness Factory provides you with a facility that you just won’t want to leave when your session is over! 

Where are we based?

Opening Hours:

Mon - Thurs:  0700-2100

Friday:  0700-2000

Sat/ Sun:  0800-1800

Telephone:  01481 722900

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I’ve been going to the gym on and off for probably the last 20 years and never have I managed to achieve the gains I have over the past 4 weeks working with Russ

Martin Cottell