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Training Camp

Strength & Fitness

Suitable for the complete novice to fitness fanatic! Our Training Camp will fire up your metabolism as we guide you through a buzzing group session.

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Personal Training

Personal Training

We don’t just point you in the right direction, we guide you through to your goals! TRI Fitness Personal Training is the complete 1-2-1 Strength & Conditioning Package for you!

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Triathlon Coaching

Triathlon Coaching

Whoever said Triathlon was an individual sport? The Tri Fitness Tri Training Squad delivers results through laser focused top-end triathlon training.

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The Gym


The Fitness Factory is the hub of TRI Fitness! And we promise to you that this will be the best performance playground on the Island of Guernsey over the forthcoming months!

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- Fun, cohesive group training environment who all within share the Tri Fitness Philosophy:  “Work hard, Train Hard, Live Easy but MAKE IT FUN”

- A dedicated business partnership born out of a great friendship whom you will see every day training you at TRI Fitness

- A coaching philosophy that will provide an education as well as an training solution for every individual who works with TRI Fitness

- The understanding that “Life is a Balance”.  We will help you establish TRI Fitness in your busy lifestyles to help YOU find YOUR BALANCE!

We really want you to come start with TRI Fitness as soon as you possibly can.

However if you are new to exercise or you have not exercised in the previous 6 months, we advise that you seek medical advice from a GP or Doctor before commencing any physical activity such as the workouts or training options on this website.

Take your time and work at your own pace, remembering that the sets/reps/time/levels are targets and that you should work towards these goals over a period of weeks/months.

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Meeting Russ twice a week for my training sessions, whether it be for S & C, or whichever challenge was given to me, gave me the motivation and determination I needed to get each weeks training done.

Sonia Dean