The TRI Fitness Triathlon coaching program has all levels of athlete covered. 

If you are a complete novice looking to get into Triathlon, you will be in safe hands!

If you have just raced your first or second season but now you want more in the form of structured training, support and a real focused preparation for your races, we will help you map out the path you want to take for the result you are targeting.

If you are an experienced age grouper looking to develop your skills, speed  and knowledge of triathlon, we know where to take you for the result you want.

As passionate triathletes ourselves we are testing, training and racing with you every day. And as Coaches, we believe you have to know what it feels like out there to be able to get the very best out of you.

Every session and training plan you receive has been carefully produced, structured and tested to make sure you are getting all the key elements you need for a customised training experience.

Improve your swim, bike & run skills supported by British Triathlon Level 3 Coaches and surrounded by fellow members who will push you to truly show what you can achieve.

Triathlon coaching at Tri Fitness is designed to be an education within a focused & very friendly community striving to achieve similar goals whilst accommodating your lifestyle needs. 

We all work hard, we train hard, we race hard and we reward ourselves when the time is right!   

We pride ourselves on providing a lot of value for your squad membership and make sure your triathlon training is smoothly integrated into your life, whilst delivering the result you are looking for.



Triathlon Guernsey Squad MembershiP


Tri Fitness Triathlon Coaching is now WAY more accessible here in Guernsey.

Our main staple is our squad triathlon program, now offering ten coaching sessions every week focused primarily on developing your ability to swim, bike and run efficiently and effectively while having a lot of fun in our group coaching environment.

Don't worry if stepping into triathlon coaching scares you a little, that's good! 

Our training sessions include Technique, Endurance and Speed work across all three elements of triathlon plus transition coaching and many more supporting sessions.

The sessions are set up throughout the week so that you can develop your technical skills and build your triathlon fitness.

Our NEW Tri Fitness Triathlon Squad Coaching Card is the SOLUTION for you:

 You will have COMPLETE flexibility in choosing your triathlon training sessions week to week:

The Tri Fitness Triathlon Squad Coaching Card operates on a Pay As You Go (PAYG) basis, meaning you get access to the sessions you want to attend but don’t get charged for those that you don’t! 

This offers our triathletes great flexibility for attendance while not losing out on sessions missed.

You can select which Tri Fitness Triathlon Coaching Sessions work best for you and choose how many

sessions you want to attend each week, as little or as many as you wish.

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Triathlon Online Coaching & Squad Membership:

Our online squad membership will go way way beyond sending you a training plan and wishing you all the best.

As an online squad member, we want as much interaction with you as our full squad members. We will maintain close contact through face time, email and message as regularly as required to make sure you are on track with your training, our email support is unlimited.

We want you to be every part a member of our squad, the only element you wont get will be the squad training sessions unless you can make it to Guernsey every week.

But do you like coaching & training weeks?

As an online squad member, once you have some spare time in your calendar and you would like a week swimming in idyllic bays, flat well tarmac’ed roads and beautiful flowing coastal paths perfect for running, we will welcome you to Guernsey to join our local squad at no extra cost.

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  1. Triathlon Goal Setting & Establishing Your Season Roadmap Consultation.
    Working with you we will set up your annual roadmap, your race calendar, your training focus and goals.

  2. Training Peaks Membership for Athlete/ Coach Session Analysis & Support
    Reviewed weekly by athlete and your coaches, we make sure you focused, on track and building your fitness through the use of Training Peaks, Performance Management Software.

  3. Ongoing Personalised Triathlon Training Road map and Week To Week Training Plan
    Your training plan is tailored to your race plan, based on your hours available and your typical weekly training rhythm.

  4. Nutrition Support Package For Triathlon Training & Racing
    Our nutrition support guide will deliver guidance on training and race nutrition, with further options to develop your specific nutrition goals with our Precision Nutrition Pro Coaching Package.

  5. Body Metrix Body Composition Analysis
    Used to establish where you are starting out from, a body composition analysis will give you the baseline
    from which you are starting with us.

  6. A Introductory 1-2-1 Personal Triathlon Training Session (Swim, Bike or Run Choice)
    Used to give you access to some of Guernseys best coaches and experts in triathlon performance. We will get you started with a healthy blend of education, skills and technique, training and fun.

    Alternatively, if you are an online coaching member, you will receive a personal 1-2-1 Swim Smooth Video Analysis to develop your swim technique and stroke.

  7. Attend up to 12 Squad Training Session Each Month (3 Sessions Every Week)
    Local to Guernsey, Squad Performance, camaraderie and development at its finest in our Swim, Bike, Run and Strength Sessions. You will be able to join your fellow squad members weekly for up to three squad coaching sessions per week with us.

  8. Monthly Training & Race Review Analysis with Your Coaches (Face To Face)
    Monthly face to face check-ins with your coach to review your training, your road map and any adjustments we need to make to keep your on track for your goals.

  9. Unlimited Email and Phone Support for Training & Race Questions
    We believe support for you is essential, so our email coaching support is unlimited.


Russ Smith, co-founder of Tri Fitness is a British Triathlon Level 3 and Swim Smooth Certified Coach.  More recently Russ has added a further element of study to enhance his triathlon coaching role and is currently working with Brett Sutton, working closely with Brett and the team at TRI Sutto to become a certified coach.  Specialising in the squad and individual training programs, Russ is building a wealth of coaching knowledge that is being applied to specific individual training plans and used to very positive effect.

Paul De Garis, also a BTF Level 3 and Ironman Certified Coach specialises in the analysis element of the triathlon coaching program.  As a Training Peaks certified coach, his skill set to breakdown a training session and ensure that the goals and objectives of the session are being met is highly valuable to squad members.



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“I have been nothing but impressed by the thought, preparation and precision of the training schedule phasing and design over the year and race season as a whole.

Although I've always considered myself fit you have notched my training up to another level and it's been a pleasure to not have to worry about planing my own training schedule and leave it to you, knowing full well that each session will have an important and very relevant role to play in the schedule geared towards peaking for the season's races.

The culmination of our goals came through at the end of the season with my Half Ironman A-Race.

I started the race feeling ready and armed with all the right tools to perform well. Thank you!

At the end of the race I felt strong and content that I had done the very best I could have. Thank you so much!

Russ, your dedication and passion for tri has really shone through.

I love that you adopt the latest schools of thought on training and ways to facilitate our training goals.

The results this year for me and the rest of the team training talk for themselves”

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1. Learn How To Structure Your Season

2. Download Your 30 Day Training Plan

3. Receive 30 Days Of Coach Support

Start Training With Structure & Guidance