"Meeting Paul twice a week for my training sessions, whether it be for Strength & Conditioning, or whichever challenge was given to me, gave me the motivation and determination I needed to get each weeks training done."


"I’ve been going to the gym on and off for probably the last 20 years and never have I managed to achieve the gains I have over the past 4 weeks working with Russ."

Martin Cottell

“The difference is that Tri Fitness understand what it takes to make lasting changes to your lifestyle that’ll keep you confident and motivated through all of life’s ups and downs.

They are there every step of the way, they understand that life is busy and we’re all human, and they always know exactly how to get me back on track when the going got tough. I finally feel confident that the healthy changes I’ve made to my lifestyle are here to stay, and so is this body that came with it, thanks for everything guys”



"A year ago, I joined with the intention of doing a few races. What I’ve learnt through my coaches is that it’s not just about completing a race and feeling the buzz of finishing.

It’s about developing your knowledge and skills for the sport and life as a whole. Thank you for everything you have both done for me this year. I look forward to what the future holds with Tri Fitness"


"I just wanted to drop you both a line to say thank you for the fantastic coaching I received in the run up to Ironman Zurich. It really was invaluable and paid off on the day as I felt strong and happy throughout”


“There are lots of benefits to training with the Tri Fitness Triathlon squad. Expert training and analysis from all the coaches, a squad environment, easy to follow training plans tailored to your needs, and constant feedback and reviews from the coaches.

You can have as much input as you want on your training, and tools such as Training Peaks, which is used by the squad, really helps you manage your training load, and allow you to peak for your races.

As you get more experienced you become more autonomous in your training, but having coaches on hand to help tweak your training, telling you when to back off, or push a little harder, makes all the difference.

 I believe the launch of the new online Tri Fitness Triathlon programme will further enhance the athlete experience, and allow those who do not live on Guernsey, or who want to train on their own, maximise their training and potential.



"Thanks for a great year of training with Swim Smooth!

I really enjoy training with you guys and it’s great having a coach that really pushes you forward.

I’m constantly recommending you guys to people looking to start swim training, definitely the best option when looking for ongoing swim coaching on Guernsey!"


"I must offer you both my heartfelt thanks for the help and encouragement you have given me over the past year.

As I battled back through the slop against the breeze towards Castle Cornet from Fermain mooring steps last Thursday, I wondered why I was actually enjoying myself!

Then I reckoned it was the buzz of achieving something you had doubted you could do. I felt justified in calling myself “an open water swimmer”"


“Thanks to Swim Smooth I was able to focus on my technique in more details. I 'm a good swimmer so it is harder for me to get a PB each time I test myself .

The Swim Smooth drills sessions made me realise that speed comes with the patience and determination.

Having practiced different part of my stroke I found myself swimming faster with less energy invested and min speed work involved. 

Recently to my surprise I managed to complete my Ironman Swim in 1h and 3min!! 

Being this close to 1h gives me some hope that if I keep up the drill work I might be able to go sub 1h next time I race IM distance triathlon! Thanks Russ”