The 5 Elements of Success in 2018: Part 1

So You Want A Training Result or To Achieve A Goal? 

Or at least your interested or chances are, you wouldn't have registered your interest :) 

Let me give you a couple of truth bombs to start with...

You may not like what you're about to hear but its the truth my friend! 

1:  Whatever THE RESULT You Would Like.......

You HAVE TO HAVE  The Desire For Achievement!! That means Work! 

People waste so much money on gym membership and coaching programs they never use because by simply pretending to commit makes people feel that little bit better about themselves.

6 Months later they are moving onto the next best thing because it hasn't quite worked for them! 

2:  You Have To Commit To Making Changes Ultimately For The Better!

That means actual physical and mental change!

That means when you invest in a Coaching Program, you listen, you absorb, and you make the change.

It's not easy at first, and to be honest, as you progress, I'll push you that little bit more! 

So will it ever get easier? No, not really but you'll sure see the results you are getting.

But What You Choose Or The Goal You Set Yourself Could Determine Whether You Succeed or Not? 

So let's explore five elements that will give you the result you are looking for in 2018.

If something is gnawing away at you, the first question to ask yourself and time to be brutally honest here is:

1.  Where Am I Right Now?  

How Do I Feel Right Now?

What Is It That’s Missing to Achieve Training & Health Success In My Life? 

What Am I Doing About It Right Now? 

Have My Previous Attempts Generated Long-Term Sustained Results? 

If I have succeeded in the past, have I slipped back into my old ways and gone backwards? 

Why Have I Gone Backwards? 

2.  Where Do I Want To Be on Dec 31st, 2018? 

If I was looking back on 2018, for this year to be a success, what needs to happen for me to say yes?

What Do I Want To Have Achieved? 

Is 2018 merely a Stepping Stone For Something Bigger in 2019? 

3.  How Am I Going To Get There?

Can I Achieve Success On My Own?

Do I Want To Achieve Success On My Own?

Do I Want To Share The Journey I Am About To Embark On With Other People?

Who Can I Turn To For Help When My Goal Starts Getting Taught To Complete?

And now that you have laid out what it is you truly want to achieve and where you will be starting from, the all-important action of implementation comes into play.

You may well start out with all the enthusiasm in the world and crush the 1st couple of weeks, but then the reality sets in that this is not a short-term result and it won't happen overnight.

You start to find it gets more desperate doing it on your own, no one to turn to.

Some bad habits start creeping in and within less than 2-3 months, despite the best intentions in the world, your back to square one again.

So when you see other people around you achieving their goals, successfully climbing mountains, crossing finishing lines, qualifying for Island and National representation in their chosen sport, let's ask why they have achieved what they have?  

Here are your 5 Key Elements Of Training Success & Achieving Your 2018 Goals.


They make up the backbone of whats proving to be the most successful and popular coaching program we have ever produced.

Why?  It goes way-way beyond getting a big group of people together and shouting as loud as we can at you to hit as many reps as possible!  Those Days Are Long Gone! 

Fitness & Body Transformation results are the just final result of your own journey.

You need more than turning up to the gym and hitting it as hard as you can 2-3 times a week! 

Tune in Wednesday for me to walk you through the 5 key elements in more detail! 

Have A Great Week! 


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